4 Axial L Pallet

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INNGRIT's Zero-point Clamping System with exclusive patented floating mechanism is different from general mechanical principles.

When the slider is pulled down tightly, the instantaneous floating mechanism will lock the slider upwards,

so that the compensation center point can reach the positioning accuracy of 0.005 mm.



It can automatically compensate the loss caused by the use of the module.

The module's single pull-down force can be as strong as 2 ton, making it the strongest lateral force.

Through the standardization of quick mold change, the speed of operations has become a natural thing to achieve the time-saving and high-efficiency Industry 4.0 standard.



INGNRIT's Zero-point Clamping System is designed not only to take into account the functionality, but also study and refine each profile and curve.

In addition, our R&D team spent several months to find the alloy materials that have been optimized for wear resistance, high strength, and high hardness in order to withstand the challenges of daily operations on the production line.

It will ensure that your Zero-point Clamping System can create value for you process all the time.